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Vacation Bible School (VBS)

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Vacation Bible School 2016

Praise and thanks be unto God for the Vacation Bible School (VBS) that our Indonesian Reformed Evangelical Church - Melbourne held at 552 City Road, South Melbourne, on the 27th June, 29th June and 1st of July 2016. It is truly by God's grace and guidance alone that this VBS ran smoothly and became a great blessing not only to the children participants but also to the teachers/assistants/mentors serving the children. This year's VBS was attended by 117 children, ranging from Kindergarten 3 (K3) to Grade 6. These children came from various denominations and backgrounds; and only 26 of the participants were from our congregation. Some children even travelled all the way from Geelong and Berwick to take part in our VBS!

The children were divided into three class groups: K3-Prep, Grades 1-3, and Grades 4-6. We were very grateful and also touched to witness the children's enthusiasm in participating in this year's VBS and learning about God's Word. Within the span of three days, the children developed a close relationship with their 'mentors' despite a majority of them not knowing one another prior to this event.

This year's VBS theme was 'Wisdom Calls Aloud', which was published by Children Desiring God. From the youngest class, children were taught the definition of wisdom as 'loving what God says is good and right and doing it'. They also learned that the opposite of wisdom is foolishness, and it is defined as 'loving what God says is bad and wrong, and doing it'. Wisdom leads to life and favour from God, whereas foolishness leads to death and destruction.

Children in Grades 1-6 also learned that wisdom is not the only thing that calls aloud to us, but so does foolishness. Foolishness calls aloud, luring us to walk in the path that rebels against God. All our actions come from our heart, and God is the only One who can change our heart. Hence we need to lean and depend on God as the only source of true wisdom, as written in the Bible: "For the Lord gives wisdom; from His mouth come knowledge and understanding" (Proverbs 2:6).

All these truths found in God's Word were taught through Bible lessons, wise and foolish characters from the Bible, small group discussions, analogies, games, crafts and also songs about wisdom. Aside from that, the children were also given the opportunity to pray for unreached people groups all over the world who have yet to have the opportunity to hear the Gospel.

We concluded our VBS on a climax by inviting the parents to our Presentation Night. The children enthusiastically practiced their songs, movements and memory verses, as a means of sharing what they have learned in the three-day VBS. Many of the parents and children voiced their eagerness to return to next year's VBS. Some even queried whether we organise a VBS during the year-end holidays! This VBS is open to both Indonesian and non-Indonesian-speaking children as the entire program is conducted in English. We give thanks to God for the opportunity to serve the children and also get to know their parents. We pray that God will bless the Word of God that has been shared with the children, and bless the children with a growth in their spiritual life. 'Till we meet again next year!

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