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Upper Elementary

Sehubungan dengan menyebarnya wabah COVID-19, Gereja GRII Melbourne telah mengambil keputusan untuk melakukan beberapa perubahan mengenai sekolah minggu - Upper Elementary.

Sekolah minggu online (https://live.irecmelbourne.org/upper-elementary) telah dijadwalkan. Informasi waktu lebih lanjut harap menghubungi Ibu Lily (0403 822 233).

Upper Elementary (Grade 3-5)

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Pilgrim's Progress

It's an exciting journey into the heart of Pilgrim's Progress. John Bunyan's timeless classic book. Christian deals with obstables in his own life, and that Christ saves leads and protects him. The Dramatic Reading is designed to help young pilgrims not only understand and enjoy Bunyan's allegorical tale but benefit from the spiritual lessons and biblical truths discovered along the way.

Setiap anak akan mendapat Pilgrim's Progress Student Map. Bahan ini akan digunakan 13 kali sampai mid Agustus






Pilgrim 01 Copy


July 2016 Updates:

We have had an exciting time in Sunday School with the Pilgrim Progress lesson, taking us into the journey of Christians from City of Destruction to Celestial City. With every chapter of the book revealed, children are excited to review what happened to Christian in the journey. In fact, some children have read the book before, some have re-read the book and some have listened to the audio book of Pilgrim Progress in their own time. This most read book after Bible, not only brings us exciting fiction story, but some of the allegory used are related to our faith journey as Christians.


Upper El -0716-1

Upper El -0716-2    The way the lesson designed is by listening to the audio book for the specific chapter. Subsequently, several questions are thrown to the children about the message that John Bunyan implies. This structure helped the children to think and start asking questions, though some of the questions might be related to the story itself. For instance, "How can several character be on the same place as Christian while they didn't go through the path Christian took?". Through these questions, we can bring the children to see how in our faith journey, we often can meet false pilgrims. These false pilgrims are people who called themselves Christians, though deep down, they didn't realise their own sin or they just use religion as cover to gain benefits for themselves. 

Further to the question, few children can see that God might purposely put those false pilgrims and trials along the way to test the faith of Christian. In similar way, God has purposely place the tree of knowledge in the garden of Eden to test Adam's and Eve's faith.

In the story, Christian needs to stay focus to walk on the narrow way that Evangelist had told him. In our faith journey, we need to stay focus to obey God's command, though it might not always be easy. We also learn that, God has given us companion throughout our faith journey to strengthen and encourage us. Our walk with God are not always hard, God supplies joyful seasons of rest and peace for His people along the way.

As the journey to the Celestial City continue, we hope that every child could relate themselves with the story every week. We hope that, these series prompt them to think and start asking questions about where they are now on their faith journey. May God bless each one of the children, teachers and assistants in our faith journey to Heaven.