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 Our ministry has a very faithful and passionate team that are committed to children’s ministry, who understands that the ministry is not an entertainment but an opportunity to seize, to instill God’s Word in tender young hearts. Led by Ev. Maria Lusiana (M.A in Clinical Psychology from Sekolah Tinggi Teologi Reformed Injili Indonesia), our teaching team meets monthly to prepare for classes and to take part in training and development. Children are taught in many different ways at GRII Melbourne, with different methods employed to achieve the most effective learning environment for our children. We have five classes, which are divided by age groups: Toddler 0 – 3 yrs, Pre-Elementary 4-5yrs, Lower Elementary 6 – 8 yrs, Middler Elementary 9 – 12 yrs, Teen 13 – 18 yrs. 

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Anak-anak Sekolah Minggu

We strongly believe that parents play a crucial part in their Children’s spiritual growth. Therefore we maintain a strong partnership with parents, through our published monthly newsletter as well as parent-teacher meetings and seminars. Last but not least, we would like to welcome you and your family to join us in worship every Sunday at 5pm.


Children will develop a Christ-like character with a Biblical world and life view for the glory of God.


  • Teach with a Biblically faithful curriculum
  • Model Christ-like character to the children
  • Equip the children to impact the world with a Christ-centered world and life view
  • Cultivate a passion for Christian stewardship and servanthood
  • Enable them to be fishers of men for Jesus Christ


Baby: Fanny Gan dan Ervin Sempuno
Toddler: Elan Sasmita dan Emylia
Pre-Elementary: I
nge Kurniadi dan Amy Liaw
Lower Elementary: Hasan Suryahardja
Upper Elementary: Christine Nia Purnomo
Pre-teen: Lilyawati Kwe
Teenager: Steve Siahay
Advisor: Vic. Maria Lusiana